Media Items

You can add video's and audio to your website a number of different ways.

Media Collection

The media collection is where you will upload all of your audio and video files as new items.

Upload Media 

To upload a new audio/video to your website go to the media collection located on the black admin menu on the left of the website. Then click Item From here you will click on the blue add item Add Media button and add a new media item. Fill out all the information and from there you now have that item on your site. 

Media Page

The media page will pull every media item from the media collection and place it onto the media page. Don't have a media page?

Media Block

Add a block to your page. 

Once you have added a media block click the dropdown to select the media item you want to add to the page.

Add YouTube/Vimeo to a page

If you have a YouTube or Vimeo video that you want to add to your website you can add it to your page in one of two ways.

  1. Copy the video URL and Paste it onto your page.
  2. Use the media collection to upload an external URL