Adding Email To Your Domain

While email is not included with the ACC website, it is possible to apply your Domain name to an email service. Email Services from companies include the ones listed below and many others.

Email Service Provider Selection

Once you have parked a new domain name on your website, you have the option of setting an email provider to work with that domain name.

If you are using an email service with a service extension like,, @me,, or and your happy with this, you do not need to use the Email Service Provider Selection.

you@[your domain name] Email Setup

If you wish to use email that uses your domain name - for example: - You will need to setup that email with a email hosting service. 

Email Options

There are many other email hosting services available. Two of the most popular systems commonly are:

  1. Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite)
    • Google Workspace for Non-profits
    • Google Workspace for Education
  2. GoDaddy Email
    • Microsoft 365 Email
  3. Zoho Workspace
    • Zoho Workspace for Non-profits
    • Zoho Workspace for Education

Once you have setup your @[domain name] email you can connect it to your website by 

Workspace - To use Google Workspace, Google requires that you verify your right to use the domain name(s) you want to use. When you Click the Google Workspace option you will see a field where you can paste the TXT record that Google will use for verification. After pasting the TXT record, click the blue [Set Email Service] button. It may take several minutes for this to process. On the Google Workspace setup, click the red [verity] button. If you get a failed message, give it a few more minutes and try again.

Note: Google has several methods for verification. The TXT record method is the only one that is built in to work on your website. If for whatever reason you need to use a different verification method, please call us for assistance. 877-518-0819

GoDaddy - You'll see a message letting you know that you need to have setup your GoDaddy Email account before using this interface. If you have already done so, click the blue [Set Email Service] button.

Custom - There is a field provided for you to enter the Hostname and priority for Custom MX records. There is also a [+] button so you can add additional Hostname and priority information. Once you have all your MX records entered, click the blue [Set Email Service] button. If you have other records that also need to be set up, please call us for assistance. 877-518-0819

Remember that DNS changes can take 24 - 48 hours to fully take affect.