Adding a User Account

With User Accounts, several people can contribute to the website. Each person can have a separate account with unique settings and preferences. User accounts control what type of changes can be made on the website.

Start by going to the Users icon in the dark gray menu on the left side of the screen.

User Levels

Administrator – Has full access to the site, no restrictions on content or design. Changes to the site are immediately displayed. The Admin level is able to add users, set page and user level access.

Viewer– This is just a user with a login. They can't edit anything on the website but can see pages that have been set to have viewer level permissions or higher.

Contributor– This user level has the ability to edit specific pages and work specific parts of the site if an administrator sets permissions and privileges to have access to these areas.

Correspondent– User has no login to the site. This is just an for biographical data and such as guest speakers.

Adding Users

To add a new user click on the  icon. This will take you to the page where you can add and manage all the users on your site. You can add a new user by clicking on the Add User button in the top right hand corner.

The Name (both first and last) are required.

This field is required if the user level is set to Viewer, Contributor, or Administrator. The email address needs to be valid and this email address will also be the user’s ID to log in with. The email address needs to be complete:

The choice of Correspondent will also include the option (not required) to add biographical information that can be displayed when the user is added as a Media Item "Presenter".

Contributors will need specific "Page Edit Access" and/or "Permissions" set so that they can contribute. 

Reset a User Password

To reset a users password in a users account, click on the Reset Password button to send a password reset link to the email address associated with their account. From there they can click the link and enter in a new password and log in.

Can't login? Reset Your Password

If you can not login you likely have forgotten your password, don't have a user account on the website, used a different email for your account, or there is possibly a mistyped part of your email address or password. 

If you have a user account but can't login then try resetting your password by doing the following.

  1. Go to your church or school website.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select the "Login / Customize" link.
  3. Then click on one of the password reset options
  4. This will prompt you to enter in your email that is associated with the account on your website
    Password Reset Options:
    Reset Password

    Emails a link to allow you to assign a new password to your account.

    Lost Password

    Emails a link to allow you to assign a new password to your account.

    Send One-Time Login Link

    Emails a link that will allow you to login without a password but will expire.

    Get a Password

    Don't have a password but you have been asked to help or take over the website? Contact us and we'll help get you the access you are authorized to have.
    Phone: 877-518-0819