Theme Guide

Getting Started

The following steps will help you install and customize any of the available themes.

1. Go to Themes

From the Admin Menu along the left side of the website, click on  Themes.

2. Select a Theme

Select any of the themes and click the Preview & Customize button. If theme has not be installed before it will not be installed at this point. Once the theme fully loads, the preview pane will display in the larger area to the left and the theme customizer pane to the right side.

3. Select a Palette

Most themes have preset color schemes that you can start with. Later, if you wish, you can fine tune the color choices. Select one of the presets to get started. Finally, click the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. Modify the Collections

Collections are usually available with one or more options to change the carousel images and/or the feature image buttons found typically on the home page. Select the link for either Carousel or for the Feature Image Buttons (wording may vary) to change the default images, links, titles, and descriptions for your own.

5. Customize
Change the themes color, default banner images, and additional theme options

6. Publish

This button is available only from the Customize tab. Click Publish if you made changes to the theme and want to publish it live for the world to see your design changes. 

Customization Options

Items listed below may vary depending on the theme selected.

Color Selector

Clicking the small swatch of color allows you to change the color of elements including fonts, accent color, or button colors. 

Start by clicking on the small color square. Then, in the expanded color selector, click on (or click and drag) the rainbow bar at the right to select a rough color. In the large color square on the left side, select the shade by clicking and dragging.  Alternately, the hexadecimal color code may be entered in the field located in the bottom right corner.


Images can easily be replaced by clicking the Replace button and choosing the file from your computer that you wish to replace it with. Once uploaded, click an drag the circular Focal Point (            ) to adjust the image for the optimal cropping placement. You can also choose to remove an image but it will default to this image:

Cancel, Save, Next, Publish




The Cancel button will abandon all of the current changes and return you to the list of installed and available themes.

Click Save to keep your changes to the theme. Later, you can return to the theme and continue modifying where you left off.

The Next button will advance you through the theme editing tabs (Preset, Collections, and Customize).

Selected themes feature additional links and features to display in the header or footer.
If you added URL links in the Social Media section of your website Settings, social media icons or labels with links to these services will automatically appear on each page of your website. The placement of these Social Media icons or links will vary from Theme to Theme. You can see our website has these in the top right corner of every page .