Media Collection

Use the Media Collection to put sermons, podcasts, and video's on your website.


From here you can see all the views that your media items have received, see how many people are watching your live stream, see the most popular media vied, as well as the most recent uploaded media items.


Create Media Items

On the media collections page in the top right corner you can click on the Add Media button to add video's to your website.

Manage Media Items

By clicking the edit button next to the name of the media that you want to edit and a popup will slide out from the right side of the page. You can make changes in this form here.


Under settings you can create a tag for your media items as well as make new podcast channels.

Add media to your page

To add a Media Item to your page click on the page where you want to add the Media Item. Then click and add a media block.

Note: You must have media items in the media collection in order to add them to your page