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Pearly C. David
Short Term/Group
Ernest Hernandez

Andrea Keele
Long-Term Volunteer
Processing Assistant
Benjamin Speegle
Long-Term Volunteer
Processing Assistant
Ashley DeShay

Our mission
To connect North American volunteers to mission opportunities that effectively meet the needs of people and communities across North American and around the world.
How we serve
  • Receive and process long-term and short-term volunteers and group applications
  • Establish and oversee tutoring, mentoring, and literacy programs
  • Provide volunteer training and awareness internally within the NAD and externally to schools, unions, conferences, churches, and supportive organizations at special annual events including campus ministries, Year-end meetings, evangelistic efforts, conventions, seminars, workshops, and other relevant ministry program activities
  • Track and record volunteer and community outreach statistics to monitor growth and trends for reports
  • Process service requests and supply volunteer mission opportunities placed by calling organizations
  • Provide special services to volunteer applicants including supplying volunteer insurance coverage, guidance on immigration/visa instructions, and Preparation for Mission training and orientation
  • Provide volunteer tools/resources such as Web site applications and resources, Passport to Mission book, Office of Volunteer Ministries Travel Packet, outreach and evangelistic resources, and volunteer marketing tool 
Contact Information
T: (443) 391 7115


North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists
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Columbia, MD 21046-1565 USA
Telephone: 443-391-7200
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